Leasing is Simple

Making an informed purchase shouldn’t be rocket science. Furnishing and equipping your home for the enjoyment of your family shouldn’t require reading glasses to read the fine print. With Credit Merchandise you get quality brands in the styles you want at terms you can afford. It’s that simple, that’s our No-Hassle guarantee.

Simple Payment Terms

Choosing your payment terms is easy – weekly and monthly terms are available on our merchandise with a fixed cost to finance and no credit checks required. Bring us a quote from any of our big name competitors and we’ll gladly beat it to earn your business. Cash terms available as well, it can’t be any simpler. We make it affordable to bring a quality lifestyle into your home, one item at a time or all at once – we can help make your dream home a reality.

Worry Free Ownership

A note about Service

Replacement of furniture due to obvious abuse or misuse may fall outside of the warranty provisions.

Buying with Credit Merchandise means buying with confidence. If at any time during your lease period your rental item breaks or fails due to a defect in manufacturing we’ll repair or replace your product for you and keep things humming along. We offer emergency replacements during repairs for most major appliances to keep your household humming along when things don’t work right. We pass along any remaining manufacturers warranty to you once you’ve paid off your furniture, electronics or appliances and we’ll be happy to help you get in touch with the right people to get warranty services once your lease is paid off. Purchase with confidence.

Secure Payments

Pay online with our secure payment gateway. Our third party payment system utilizes a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection and a PCI compliant payment system to ensure your protection and security. Make your payments from your computer, phone, or tablet with our online system and your account is updated automatically. We make payments a breeze so that our customers can shop with confidence.

Our People are the Credit Merchandise Difference

Our staff are professionals in every sense of the word. We have experts on the products that we sell available to help you make the right choice down to the fine details that are important to you. When we say we’re a local business we mean it – we are members of our community, your friends and neighbors. We’re part of our community and share the values with the people who live here. South Louisiana is like no place else on earth, and we’re not just from here. We’re proud of it. Stop on in and find out about the Credit Merchandise difference today.