The Credit Merchandise Difference

When choosing to make the investment in home furnishings, electronics or household appliances there are usually a lot of questions which aren’t truly answered until after you’ve made your selection and the items have been delivered. You can usually find out fairly quickly how fabrics wear under conditions, whether a sectional sofa is too large for your apartment, or whether those financing terms are what they appeared to be. In one survey half of the Americans polled admitted to having buyers remorse over a major purchase. When you’re looking to make the significant investment in your household, you deserve to take home more than just a pretty box and some unanswered questions.

Difference Maker #1 – We’ve Got The Answers


When purchasing home furnishings, it helps to have the measurements of the room you’ll be furnishing handy. Whether you just write down the dimensions on a scrap of paper or draw a small diagram, it can be a big help when choosing larger items.

At Credit Merchandise we understand that our customers work hard to provide a comfortable life for their families. Trying to put together a household and fill a home with durable and stylish furnishings like our Elements bedroom collections or durable, time-tested Kenmore appliances on a budget can be a tricky thing to accomplish. At Credit Merchandise we strive to put together a collection of the most popular styles and brands that our customers are looking for and offer them under terms that fit nearly any budget. We work hard to answer those questions that can lead to a less than satisfying purchase before you buy something.

Take the time to speak with one our our sales professionals or store managers and you’ll quickly realize that you’re among friends. Our people work hard just like you do to make sure that your purchase is regret free. Our sales specialists can help you choose the perfect Sony flat screen TV for your home theater and put you in the right size recliners to make the space cozy, not cramped – and all at a price that fits your budget and leaves some cash leftover for popcorn.

Difference Maker #2 – Small Town Store, Big Options

Keep in Mind

Your first month payment is required when you place a special order. We’ll deliver it when it arrives!

Just because we carry the most popular styles in Ashley and Elements furniture doesn’t mean that we always have exactly what you’re looking for. It’s your home and your money, we believe that you should have the freedom to choose the exact fabric, style, and brand that you’re looking for.

We offer the same hassle-free financing terms on items whether we have them in our inventory or you want something special ordered from the supplier. Don’t go home loving the comfort and quality but hating the color. We can special order from our suppliers to meet your specifications and help you to make your house feel more like your home.

Difference Maker #3 – We’re From Here

When you live in a small town it seems like everyone is your neighbor. We believe in that, and it’s our job to treat each customer as the friend and neighbor that they are. We’ve been serving South Louisiana since 1990 and our roots are firmly planted in these towns we call home.

We’re about more than generating customer loyalty, it’s about being part of our community and living up to it’s values. We work hard so that we can appreciate and enjoy comforts in our homes, and we understand what it means for you to have someone in your corner to help you get the best value, merchandise and overall experience around. With Credit Merchandise you can shop with the confidence that you’re with people who care about you and your family. Come see us today for that personal service that you’re looking for.


Matt Eason

Morgan City, 7 years of service.

A 25 year resident of the tri-city area, I have a familiarity with small town needs. I started out in the rent to own business as a delivery driver in 2010 and worked my way through the ranks to become store manager. This process helped me to better understand the customers' needs. I can still be spotted rolling up my sleeves and working with the delivery crew from time to time. I look forward to meeting you!

Stop by our Morgan City location and let Matt help you find a great deal, or give him a call at 1-985-384-8886


Andy Simpson

Plaquemine, 9 years of service.

As the Store Manager in Plaquemine I encounter and deal with a wide range of people and situations. In my 25 years of home retail experience I've learned a thing or two about making the right deal. Let's find the furniture, electronics or appliances that best fit your needs and your budget.

Stop by our Plaquemine location and let Andy help you find a great deal, or give him a call at 1-225-687-0966